Wednesday, December 23, 2009

God's amazing provision...

I don't have a card for you this morning, but I do have a story of God's amazing provision. It's nearing Jesus like our loving God that we get all the presents. This story actually happened in August, but I've never shared it with you, so thought in honor of Jesus birthday I'd share it now. My daughter who is a single mom, is finishing up her schooling in nursing (she has just till May and she graduates!) She has been very blessed to have gotten a couple of scholarships and a student loan to pay for most of the expense of her tuition and books. But as you know schooling is expensive besides all the add ons like uniforms, gas to travel for clinicals and back and forth to classes. She has been blessed by having a PRN (as needed) job at a rural hospital so really doesn't have any set hours, and doesn't always get enough hours to pay her rent and car payment, groceries etc. My husband and I have helped out as we have been able, but we don't always have the extra either. In August she was not going to be able to have enough money for her rent ($500). She had not gotten enough hours of work at the hospital that month. I pray for my kids and grandkids everyday...they believe in God, but don't really have a close relationship with Him. I had been praying for Jenny financially as she tries to get through her schooling and God has come through everytime by either getting her more work or my hubby and I having the extra money she needed. This time however, God provided in an unexpected, amazing way. Two days before her rent was due, she received a refund check from the college for $514.00. She had no refund coming. There was no reason for her to get that check. But even more amazing...the check was written a year ago. She called the college to see what was going on and they verified it was a good check and she could cash it, but they couldn't explain it either! The bank accepted and cashed it even tho it was over a year old and it said "void after 90 days". Do we not serve an amazing God? He knew of Jenny's need a year in advance. The answer to prayer was already provided just awaiting the right moment for it to be answered. I don't know about you, but it sends chills up my spine to know our God loves us that much. This Christmas season don't forget to thank God for all the gifts he's given you...the hug from a friend, a roof over your head, family, too many gifts to mention. But most of all, the gift of His son Jesus who died for us so that we can have this wonderful closeness and eventual home with the God who loves us so much. Merry Christmas to all my papercrafting friends. I'm hoping to get things back on track after the holidays and start posting more artwork again. It's been a crazy couple of weeks for me!

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